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But pulling up in a car with high sex appeal also contributes well (check out the vehicle images guide for sex appeal values of each car) Once you start dating a girl, your initial progress with her will be 15%.Helena lives on a farm in Flint Range, Flint County and meets Carl Johnson beside the Ammu-Nation store in Blueberry, Red County, shooting some targets on a deck (after mission The Green Sabre is completed).Helena Wankstein: Lady lawyer, Helena, in GTA: San Andreas can first be found in the town of Blueberry in Red County, shooting at targets on the roof of the Ammunation store there. You may have to unlock San Fierro before she will appear.The drawback with Helena is that her house on Flint Range is miles from the dating points, so a chopper is handy for ferrying her to and fro from places.Physical activities during that period will make the process faster, especially swimming and diving.

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Your girlfriend's house is marked on the map by the heart.If he dates her, CJ will have access to the tool shed at her farmstead.This contains Molotovs, flamethrower, chainsaw and a pistol. When CJ has a full relationship with Helena (100%) he gets the Rural Clothes outfit in his wardrobe.You can choose from several gifts, that can make your girlfriend happy. When you choose the gift, use it like a gun, go up to your girlfriend and press TAB. - PC Gaming - Tom's Hardware You'll also be informed of the rewards for completing missions, and shown a number of screenshots from each mission. I have decided to give up and ask for help with San Andreas. Let's Play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas by Jerusalem - Part 84 Behind The Scenes - Dating Millie.

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