Mac not software updating

Therefore, it is important to remember that though you may be using a Mac, even they are vulnerable to computer infections as shown by the recent Backdoor. With that said, updating your operating system and its installed applications so that they are using the latest versions and patches is imperative to having a healthy and usable computer.

This tutorial will walk you through updating your Mac computer as well as configuring it to automatically alert you when new updates are available.

So it's recommended that you must enable Time Machine backups on your Mac before enabling auto updates for OS X Yosemite. In this way, if an update to Yosemite (for example, OS X 10.10.1) is available, the new settings will automatically download and apply it.

You can manually check for updates with your Mac's built-in Software Update tool.

But it's much easier to simply automate the process and have Software Update notify you when it's found updates.

Using the latest versions of Mac OS X and Apple's applications can protect your Mac against malicious attacks, improve sluggish system performance, and fix bugs that can cause applications to randomly crash.

This tutorial will show you how to automatically and manually update the Apple software on your computer.

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